About the project

Within the MOoiZO project, we aim to improve dental healthcare of orthodontic patients. Orthodontic devices such as braces are prone to collect plaque quickly. Therefore, it is important that the patient frequently and thoroughly brushes the teeth in order to remove plaque and maintain a good oral hygiene. Frequent brushing requires a lot of self-discipline. Next to that, it is hard to assess the quality of the cleaning by yourself. To assist the patient with this, the MOoiZO project researches methodologies to automatically assess oral hygiene using a smartphone app. This gives the patient objective and immediate feedback which can be used to monitor and improve his dental health. MOoiZO is in collaboration with the Artevelde university of applied sciences.

IDLab role

Within MOoiZO, IDLab investigates all technical aspects related to the capturing and processing of dental images:

  • Feasibility study to check if the camera quality of smartphones is sufficient for dental healthcare.
  • AI assisted smartphone imaging procedure to capture optimal dental images.
  • Automatic color correction to improve color consistency.
  • Analysis of the images using a combination of artificial intelligence and tradition computer vision techniques in order to assess dental health.
  • Smartphone application prototype combining and demonstrating all research results.

Contact the involved IDLab Researchers

Main researcher
ing. Jelle Vanhaeverbeke
Research supervisor
prof. dr. Steven Verstockt