About the project

The Fame project is a collaborative project with Meemo focused on providing high-quality metadata for their image collections. Meemo has a large archive of digitized pictures of different theater shows, live performances and cultural events spanning multiple decades. Most of these images are not sufficiently annotated and do not contain any information on who is on the images. Therefore, machine learning tools were used to detect the persons visible on the images and provide additional metadata. Using a known dataset of actor portfolios and facial recognition tools, we were able to automatically detect who is depicted on the images and improve the collection quality.

IDLab role

IDLab has the following tasks within the FAME project:

  1. Development of a labeling tool based on visual similarity
  2. Recognizing faces and performing cross-collection linking

Contact the involved IDLab Researchers

Main researcher
ing. Kenzo Milleville
Research supervisor
prof. dr. Steven Verstockt